Network performance is now as fast on Linux as it is on Windows and Mac OS X. The kryo serialization library is due all the credit for the performance boost. This also means that the save/load issues that were encountered in C# should be trivial to overcome.

Path finding has been rewritten from the ground up. The original code was slow and difficult to debug. Now it is more performant and removes many cases where enemies would get stuck. Basically, enemies will no longer charge head first into walls.

In non-development news, Aigilas now has a dedicated website. Check it out here.

While poking around the web, I noticed that someone had purchased within the past couple of weeks. It appears to me that the address is not actually in use. To prevent this from becoming a larger problem later on down the line, I snagged the domain last night. That domain now points to the GitHub site for Aigilas.

SimplePathStudios has been migrated from WordPress to OctoPress. There are a few items left to finish, but the migration was smooth.

This coming up week I will be reaching out to school admins in the area to poll interest in a game development program. Game-wise I will be designing more enemies and reactions. The game is nearing the stage of maturity where much of development will revolve around playtesting and seeing which skills and enemies need balancing.

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