I read through Micro ISV this week. A wealth of online business basics are contained within its words. Definitely worth the thirteen bucks. I am going to be challenging some of the assertions it contains by trying to sell open source games, but it covers a number of useful fundamentals.

Reading that book propelled me into more business research. Virginia has a number of extra services required by anyone wanting to form an LLC. I found a great network that offers seminars and counseling to people trying to start their own companies. Later in October is their next meeting and I hope to find some people there willing to guide me down the right path.

In dev news, I continued the effort to tear more data out of the code base. This week featured lots of information about enemies and bosses.

My reason in pursuing this decoupling effort is to create a bot that will play Aigilas all day while I’m at work and save the different settings that it used for the game. It will also log various stats about its gameplay. Together, this data set should help me find the optimal defaults for each chunk of configuration.

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