Kathryn and I played through the entire game this week. I hosted on Ubuntu and she joined from her iMac. Anytime garbage collection was required there was noticeable lag, but nothing game breaking.

During the play session, we found a number of bugs. Some small and some that were so large that they hijacked development efforts this week. First of all, the HUD for anyone besides the first player were non-functional. I sat down tonight and hammered out the code the resolve that problem.

I created a new script that packages the game for end-users and uploads it to the GitHub downloads section of Aigilas. GitHub’s API was easy to digest and allowed me to throw together the entire script in under two hours.

Zeroing in on “perfect” defaults for the game is my current focus. The end-to-end playtest revealed a number of needed tweaks, but there is surely more to discover.

Business-wise, I will be attending a seminar this week to learn more about officially registering the company. That will be a first step towards establishing a relationship with schools in the area and having an entity that will accept payments.

Half of this afternoon was sunk upgrading to Ubuntu 12.10 for the development environment. The transition went smoothly and only required an hour or so of fiddling with graphics drivers post-upgrade. Aigilas is running smoothly on 12.10.

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