Dungeon generation changed a lot this week. For quite some time there was a chance for a dungeon floor to be generated that would break the game. Walls might surround the downstairs, among other game-breakers. I extracted floor plan generation into its own set of logic, which makes it much easier to adjust. With that piece easier to tweak, I played with a few different floor creation strategies. The result is a good fit for variable tile sprites, which will make each floor feel more organic.

I moved more data out of the code at the end of this week. Skills, reactions, statuses and enemies can now be changed through config files. Thanks to this, play tests revealed some design flaws in how stats worked. Some stats behaved awkwardly in relation to other stats and made creature logic very unpredictable. I corrected this by making stats into integers between 0 and 10,000 instead of floating point numbers between 0 and 10. Long story short, division is now a lot easier to handle.

Business-wise, I attended a seminar through the Loudoun SBDC. It was a lengthy presentation packed with the basics of starting a business. Next week I will be scheduling a time to meet with them for some counseling and takes the next steps to making an LLC to collect payments.

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