Aigilas’ work-in-progress theme music was produced this week. I recorded multiple tracks and then mixed them in Audacity. The goal was to create a piece of music that was built using only open source software.

Aigilas no longer hangs while playing. If a crash is imminent, then it gracefully shuts down and logs the problem to aigilas.log. Other performance enhancements included memory optimizations in HUD rendering and massive improvements in texture loading. Previously, over 200,000 textures were being loaded for the entire dungeon. This has been optimized down to four textures and three sprites being held in memory throughout an entire session of play.

I created a training dummy on the first floor. This facilitated debugging reactions and statuses that were not displaying properly. It never dies and doesn’t move, but allows for simple skill a and reaction testing.

Numerous bugs were crushed this week, and can be seen in the GitHub issues tracker. Starting stats for minions, players and enemies are now all adjustable in base_stats.cfg. Moving more data into config revealed a handful of architectural weaknesses, which have now been corrected.

I was able to meet with the local chapter of the SBDC this week. They have provided knowledge in minutes that would have taken me weeks to discern by myself. Thanks to them, I will be in contact with a general attorney for legal council on launching the company.

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