libgdx 0.9.7 was released this week. I updated both Aigilas and sps-gamelib to the latest release. 0.9.7 contains a new scene system for UI management. This will make the keyboard and server IP configuration options from within the game easier to setup.

Most dev time was spent balancing gameplay this week. I also did some light reading on dynamic lighting to find the best fit for Aigilas. Looking back over my progress on the daily sketches, I am not certain whether a rasterized look is better compared to a vectorized look for Aigilas.

Last night I threw together a system in sps-gamelib to manage dynamic sprites in the environment. With a single method call, tiles will choose a separate sprite to render based on the sprites surrounding it. Once the spritesheet has been polished, this will help create a unique feeling on each dungeon floor.

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