This week I finished up the first rework of the main menu. Players can now start and join a LAN server as players would expect. This small touch makes the game feel much more polished. I have also added an options menu so that full screen can be toggled without needing to edit config.

I played with the palette a bit last weekend. Darkening the background makes everything that matters much easier to see. Too much color on screen was making the game hard to play for all the wrong reasons.

A date has been set to meet with an attorney about forming the company. Once that is settled I will register with a payment provider and begin some serious groundwork on marketing Aigilias to area schools.

In art-news, I have stuck diligently to the 10 minutes daily sketches. This week marked the first time I am noticing progress in my work. Over thirty sketches are finished. Crazy to see how much better the last is from the first!

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