Major work was done on the graphics this week. Every sprite has been carefully drawn in a 16x16 pixel art style. This is much easier to tweak than the earlier 64x64 and well within my current artistic abilities.

The rough image that had been used for particles was revamped as part of this workload. Particles now display one of multiple images, making explosions and skills feel satisfying when pulled off.

Making small tweaks to gameplay and graphics consumed a lot of time over the past few days, but I feel like the character of Aigilas is finally shining through during playtesting. To see how far the graphics have come, I threw together an imgur album that can be viewed here.

Administratively, I began contacting schools. Making Aigilas is a great product focus for me, but I have a loftier vision for Simple Path Studios. One day, I can see clubs running in the local schools that give kids an edge when it comes to computer science. That’s one piece of a huge puzzle that I would be pleased to see put together during my lifetime.

All of these changes can be found in the latest stable release, v0.6.0.

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