I played around with my schedule this week. I have been committing Monday through Friday to developing Aigilas, with releases on Thursdays. This had been going well so far, but I want to start working on my second big release. With the weekends dedicated to relaxation, I tried something new this week. It was by and large, a failure. At least I learned something.

I tried using Monday and Tuesday to setup a new development environment for prototyping. That took so much time that I never had a moment to prototype anything. By Wednesday I had no progress made on the next game, and nothing accomplished for Aigilas. I sat down and cranked out some architecture behind the main menu. This will make the controller and keyboard config screens easier to manage.

This past weekend I got some great feedback from players that were new to the game. Much of this has been translated into new GitHub issues.

For the week ahead, I plan on using spare time on Fridays and the weekend for prototyping the next game. Then, Monday through Thursday will be available for Aigilas development.

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