Aigilas is now in beta. Grab a copy of the unstable edition at the Aigilas website( A summary of the changes that made it into the beta can be found here. A lot has changed over the last twenty-odd weeks. New graphics, better menu UI, unified aesthetic, and much more.

Now that the game is in beta, the core gameplay will not undergo major changes. Stats and skills need constant balancing, but the core mechanics are all in place. The game will be less prone to crashes that it was in the alpha stage, and reporting those crashes is easier now with the exception logging in place.

The 1.0 release has a milestone on GitHub. Feel free to check out the work that is planned. A majority of the future work is polishing what already exists and improving performance.

Keeping LAN clients in sync was the last chunk of work for this release. As of now, LAN multiplayer is functional, but very laggy. Tickets have been included in the 1.0 release plan to address this issue.

The beta releases will encompass all versions between 0.7.0 and 1.0.0. 0.7.0 is currently available as the latest stable edition.

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