Development on the 1.0 release is starting to wind down. There are a handful of tickets remaining, which I foresee taking about another month of development. These weekly releases were only guaranteed until the 1.0 release. After this is finished, I have a number of plans in the works for the second major SPS release.

This week, I fixed the issue where a single player game could have the controls not detected when a multiplayer host or guest returned to the main menu. I also nerfed some of Lust’s skills. RegenAll and SpeedUp were game-breakingly powerful.

The dummy should no longer create bizarre glitches. For example, a player could spawn on it. Likewise, the downstairs could spawn under it. In that case, the game was unplayable.

In a similar fashion, player death no longer causes unexpected glitches to occur. Previously, a dead player could magically come back to life and cause every creature to start chasing their unreachable corpse. Death causes a player to be removed entirely from the game, and cached in an isolated location. No longer can path finding be broken thanks to a dead teammate.

In preparation for the next game I have in the pipeline, I spent some time migrating the Aigilas baseline changes into sps-gamelib. Included in the migration is a new mechanism that globally refreshes calculations for edge detection. If you blow up a wall, the edges should recalculate and properly display the new edge.

The update to sps-gamelib also lead me to create a template from Aigilas. This project layout provides the libgdx dependencies, all of sps-gamelib, and some helpers scripts. This template allows for easier packaging and a generic launcher.

You can check out all of this and more in the latest stable release, 0.8.0.

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