Aigilas is now at the 1.0 milestone.

This game evolved multiple times since its groundbreaking in 2011. Since the beginning, it was an exercise for myself to prove that I could stick to a long-term project and see it through to the end. The game itself was meant to serve two purposes. Firstly, to provide a highly unpredictable yet engrossing gameplay experience. Second, to act as a pet project that is easy for would-be developers to dip their toes into, regardless of experience level.

I feel that in its current iteration, Aigilas has fulfilled every goal I originally set for it. As the issue tracker shows, there will always be more that could be done to improve the game. However, leaving some of that future work on the table will provide well-defined tasks for anyone that wants to learn about game development in the future.

I fixed a handful of nasty bugs and bumped the rest of the issues out of this milestone. I expect that development will pick back up in the future, after I can gather some fellow developers in this currently empty local game dev community. Additionally, if there are game breaking bugs that are encountered, feel free to send me a message and I’ll be happy to fix them.

It has been a long journey and powerful learning experience for me to put the game together to this point. However, in the interest of continuing the mission of Simple Path Studios, the right move is to prototype some games that are less about a collective teaching tool and more about the core gaming experience.

I will be posting updates once the best prototype is ready to share. I plan on continuing the effort of developing all of our releases as open source, but the prototyping will be staying in my private repos for the time being.

You can find the latest fixes and the 1.0 stable release.

Want to chat? Throw a comment on this Reddit post or shoot me a tweet @XBigTK13X.