Munchoid is now available. You can learn more on the Munchoid website.

That site covers everything you want to know about the game, so I wanted to use this post to share some info on the plan forward for Simple Path Studios.

Obviously, there is an effort now for marketing the game, fixing bugs, and balancing various gameplay mechanics. Beyond that, the release of Munchoid has seen advances in other aspects of the business.

Largest among of them is the creation of conyay. The launcher for Aigilas was always one thing I wanted to amend. Each platform had a uniquely awkward method to start the game. Toward the end of September, Munchoid was nearing a playable state. I spent an evening redesigning the website’s backend and threw together a first draught of conyay.

The development and user experiences went above and beyond what I had gone through with other open source solutions. Most were great for one platform, but failed at making multi OS deployment from Java something that I didn’t need to think about. I continued to hack on conyay from time to time to meet this need.

It is and always will be 100% open source. I don’t think that anyone should be competing on the stability and usefulness of their launcher. More importantly, I needed a solid launcher/updater/log reporter. Now conyay does all of that for me.

In the coming weeks I will be updating sps-gamelib. Munchoid’s development saw a more functionality added to the gamelib, all of it useful for future games. A complete list of what was added will be included in the README on GitHub. My favorite feature is the procedural texture generation and manipulation; it saves hours of graphic design time both for a polished game and for prototyping.

Last of all is the development time going forward. Aigilas and Munchoid will continue to receive support. There are a handful of enhancements I see for sps-gamelib that will make it into Munchoid before the update to the library on GitHub. I have been taking time every other weekend to work on game prototypes. One project in particular is shining among the rest, which could well turn into the next third major release.

For the latest news, watch my Twitter feed. I will provide more info here once a prototype is further along in its lifecycle.

Want to chat? Throw a comment on this Reddit post or shoot me a tweet @XBigTK13X.