A Kickstarter is up for funding the development of OGUR.

Until the 30 day mark, this is considered a canary release. I’m releasing the project to a very small number of people over the first ten days in an attempt  to get some very tough feedback. Taking that feedback into consideration, I will be re-designing some aspects of the Kickstarter page (including a complete redo of the project’s landing page video).

Now that  most of the Kickstarter’s ground work is finished, last night was a great breakthrough for the skills framework in OGUR. I look forward to the reactions of early alpha testers and coming up with new ways to combine skills.

One of the major features of OGUR is a skill system that provides the ability for skills to react to other skills being used. Effectively, this builds a robust piece of architecture that brings new gaming experiences to all players in different ways.

Firstly, a single player would be able to create a more complex plan of attack. Perhaps a large creature gets poisoned and then another skill is used to blow up the creature. Instead of that poison going to waste, it is instead transformed into a gas by the heat of the explosion and is then inhaled by surrounding monsters.

That is just a quick example of why the skill system brings an exciting level of depth to OGUR. Obviously this means multiplayer will have new ways for groups of people to work together towards dominating a floor of enemies.