OGUR is finally in phase two of the three phase development plan I came up with many months ago. To recap:

  • Phase 1: Build an engine that supports the type of game I want OGUR to be

  • Phase 2: Leverage that engine to create the actual game

  • Phase 3: Spruce up the graphic and audio component of OGUR to best fit the theme of the game

There are still a number of bugs to squash and enhancements to make, but all and all the core engine is complete.

So what is the state of things after three months? Well, post-graduation from RPI and immediately getting married, OGUR was put on the back burner. To make things even more challenging, my primary hard drive decided to die the night before I was moving seven hours away from college.

Thankfully I have always been dogmatic about pushing to a remote backup repo for OGUR. Unfortunately, I had gotten so busy with schoolwork that I never got around to pushing over a week or two and lost around seven hours of critical work I’d done in the engine. In order for me to start working on OGUR again I would both need to get into a weekly routine that allowed time for my favorite side project as well as enough motivation to redo the work I’d lost extending the engine’s functionality.

Here in Virginia, I still haven’t hit a healthy stride week by week. Surprise errands continue to pop up, but random hours here and there do come around from time to time. I’m excited to say that enough of those random moments were aggregated and the engine is back to its full glory.

In all honesty, that was the case a week or so ago. Since then, I’ve been doing work on implementing the skills for each of the seven playable classes in OGUR. The release plan is to build out the first five skills for each class and use that as the basis for an alpha release of the game. From there I will build out the game in whatever area needs expansion.

I won’t be taking much time to write up progress until the Alpha is ready. When that will be, I really have no clue as of yet. Additionally, I will be putting off any updates to SPX until OGUR is at least in alpha.

Here’s to an exciting future :).